Magic Food Point at Suvarnabhumi International Airport

It gets busy at Magic Food Point.

A woman pushing a cart strolls by collecting dirty plates and bowls. She stops at a utensil station to refill the repository with clean forks, spoons and chopsticks.  Next to the utensils is a crock pot of boiling water.  A slender young Thai woman in business casual holds a fork and spoon in the boiling water for a minute and walks off in search of a table in the busy cafeteria.  The crowded room is filled with the loud clatter of dishes and trays being placed on plastic tables, the sounds of multiple conversations and people shouting their orders to cooks tossing ingredients into smoking woks.   I continue my walk through the food court looking for something that catches my eye.  My mouth salivates at the smell of roasting meats and noodles wafting from one booth as the woman behind the next booth smiles and gestures at an appetizing picture of a heaping plate of Khao Moo Deng.  That’s it.  That’s what I want for my third round of Thai food court meal before my 6 hour red eye flight to Narita.  The cured red pork, which is pretty much cha siu, sits on a mound of fragrant jasmine rice drenched in a savory-sweet sauce and garnished with a hard boiled egg sliced in half.   My last plate of Khao Moo Deng before my next trip to Thailand.  Which hopefully isn’t too far off.

Bang for the Baht!

Getting There:

Magic Food Point, Suvarnabhumi International Airport’s food court, offers the cheapest and arguably the best food in the airport.  It’s where I spent the last of my baht after buying souvenirs and over the course of 3 hours crammed three good sized meals in, before I embarked on a 6 hour flight to Narita.  The food court is in level 1 of the airport where you catch legitimate metered taxis.  If you are exiting the baggage claim on the arrival level, take the ramp or escalator down one floor and the food court is in the corner at the end of the hall.  Ask the security guards behind the counter for help if you can’t find it.  Outside, you’ll see baggage carts neatly parked waiting patiently for their owners and a large sign that reads, “Magic Food Point.”

Magic Food Point

The food court works like all the other food courts I’ve been to in Thailand.  You have to buy coupons, which are refundable if unused, and use them to purchase food from the booths.  The coupons are located at the coupon booth near the entrance of the food court.  Just walk up and give the value of baht you want in coupons and you’re ready to go.  Magic Food Point offers a wide variety of local dishes, with each booth specializing in a different fare.  From Chinese style roast pork and duck dishes, congee, Hainanese chicken rice, to Thai specialties like Som Tam, Gai Yang, and even Halal friendly dishes, the variety of food here is enough to satisfy even the pickiest eater’s palate.

Line up for coupons.

The price range of the food is extremely reasonable and comparable to the food courts at the malls inside Bangkok.  For 30-50 baht you can get good sized plate of Khao Moo Deng, or a steaming bowl of Khao Soi.  For an extra 10 baht you can grab a fountain soda at the drink booth.  That’s a full meal for under 2 USD.  Much cheaper than the restaurants on the 3rd floor of the airport.  The prices there range from 150 baht and up, roughly upwards of 5 bucks.  That’s still pretty cheap when compared to airport food Stateside or definitely at Narita.

Fried chicken over rice 45 baht. Just over a buck.

If you’re just getting to Bangkok, make sure you stop at Magic Food Point before grabbing your cab or using the airport link.  The food is delicious and just the way to start an exciting culinary adventure in a city that eats, breathes and sleeps deliciousness.  If you’re leaving Thailand, get your souvenir shopping done and then head to the food court.  You’ll be hard pressed to spend the rest of you money there and will end up with a veritable feast for a fraction of the cost of the restaurants on the third floor and the food options on the other side of immigration.







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3 Responses to “Magic Food Point at Suvarnabhumi International Airport”

  1. Anita O'Galligan January 22, 2013 at 3:24 am #

    I recently came across this food court on level1. Food very good and cheap
    I have a late night flight back to Europe and would love to have a meal there but there is no indication about their opening and closing times – no good if one arrives at say 21.30 and the place is closed then one has to go to the 3rd floor for the expensive food

    • Kenny January 22, 2013 at 6:10 pm #

      Hi, thanks for reading. Its open 24/7.

  2. John July 24, 2015 at 4:44 am #

    Very good Thai food also try the Thai deserts also Korean food available great place don’t miss if you have a stop over in Bangkok airport

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